Skirmett iTower Lock

Unlock our trademark Security Ecosystem functionality and connectivity for any object you want.

Connect anything and everything with a lock – like a locker, tool chest, or a cabinet – to one easy-to-use universal system, with the iTower.

In terms of form and function, the iTower is small, versatile and flexible – it fits almost anything made to open and close. But don’t let its modest size fool you. 

Connecting lockers or cabinets to your Access Management system comes with many benefits. By simply tapping your transponder to a lock, on a door or a personal locker for instance, you get access to both the correct areas and your safely stored valuables using a single device.

We mean business when we say you can secure anything and everything!

The Benefits

PLUG & PLAY - The iTower feels at home in a wide variety of panels, regardless of thickness and material.
NEVER STOP LEARNING - Review usage history for useful insights, compliant with current privacy policies.
SAFETY IN NUMBERS - If it’s worth securing, it’s worth incorporating into your Ecosystem; enjoy full connectivity and make any asset part of the family.
EASE OF USE - The standard AAA batteries can easily be accessed and replaced.
YOUR LOCK, YOUR CHOICE - Easily installed at any angle, with 1-point locking by cam.
FOOLPROOF INTERFACE - A clean and simple interface makes using and configuring our locks a breeze.