Skirmett Mechanical Combination Lock

The KEMMLIT Mechanical combination lock is ideal for use in schools and workplaces. The simple design and comfortable, easy grip make them an ideal solution for environments around children and students.

Without the need for keys and the added risks of losing and replacing them, they are also cost effective. Due to the design, they ensure they can be retro fitted onto almost all existing lockers.

It is fitted with a settings button that can be used to reprogram the device. This helps users set and change codes within a possible 10,000 combinations quickly and easily on site. Fitted with a patent protected detector plate, forgotten codes can be identified in seconds with just the reset key.


  • Made from high quality materials, with a choice of finishes that provide a strong and robust product that you can rely on.
  • Wafer technology provides an affordable level of security.
  • The security technology is unique to this lock and is patent protected.
  • Combination lock offering a maximum of 10,000 possible combinations. Lock rotations possible are 90° Right opening / Left closing.
  • Secured in place with a Brass Nut fixing makes it quick, easy and adjustable.
  • Black and White finishes are available as standard.
  • A reset key is also available which allows you to reset forgotten codes.